Tiles with Mudcloth Designs

What is Mudcloth?
  Mudcloth starts as strips of hand-woven fabric sewn together. Mud is then applied as a resist to the fabric and dried in the sun before soaking the fabric in dye. The colors, combined with various symbols and patterns, convey information about the person and community wearing or using the cloth.

Indigo Mudcloth Tile Rust Mudcloth kitchen backsplash Rust mudcloth tile, 4.25 x 4.25 glazed porcelain tile. (Photography by Studio Tobechi) Red Mudcloth Tile Coaster Set

 Mustard Check Mudcloth Two-Way Tile Tray™ Rust Mudcloth Two-Way Tile Tray™  Brown Mustard Mudcloth Two-Way Tile Tray™  Sage Mudcloth Two-Way Tile Tray™

Each tile is hand glazed. Variations are to be expected. Colors and designs may be discontinued at any time.

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