My name is Leann E. Johnson.
I am...

Lea-Way Designs, LLC

I'm exploring images that resonate for me, such as Adinkra symbols and African mudcloth designs. Because I like the combination of the functional with the creative, using Adinkra and mudcloth motifs evolved into creating designs for tiles.

I feel a person's home or space should be his or her sanctuary. It should be a physical and spiritual sanctuary, where you can go to reenergize away from the rest of the world. Why not surround yourself with things that create a place of calm and affirmation?

L & J Graphics

For over ten years I've been an artist in many forms: scratchboard illustration, scientific illustration, tile design, and printmaking. As L & J Graphics my focus is on graphic design and illustration. I'm also available for graphic design consulting (helping clients find budget-savvy resources to have their graphic design and printing needs met).

In those ten years, I've found that I need variety to keep me creative and engaged. My projects and my client list reflect that variety.

Lea-Way Designs, LLC
2107 24th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406-1013
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